About Us

Syfertek's main service is application development with emphasis on Cloud Based responsive technologies using the .net framework viewable on any device.

Other services include: Developer Services (java, php, rpg, c#, vb6, vb.net, sql, oracle, ibm) Windows and Linux web hosting, Domain name registrations, Trust Services (SSL, SAN Certs), monitoring and managed services, HVAC software and more. Review top menu for a complete list of products and services.

Established in 2003 by Tabatha Sikes, Syfertek started out as a web hosting company under the name of "Power House Hosting" (www.powerhousehosting.net) and in 2010 rebranded with a software division as Syfertek.

Syfertek's administrative office is in Porter, OK. All of our developers work remote and travel as needed to the project. We have several virtual offices in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma depending on project demands and needs.

Syfertek partners with many other technology companies throughout the United States. We also support a wide variety of technical training and internship programs to spark interest in programming for rural high school students.

Partner Companies

Web HSP Management Services

Web ECS Management Services

DataPipe Data Center

Latisys Data Center