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Disk Space (Flexible Storage*) 100 GB 200 GB 300 GB 400 GB
Bandwidth (Burstable*) Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
Hosted Domains 1 2 3 4
Sub Domains 20 30 40 Unlimited
MS SQL 2008, 2012 Databases 1 2 3 4
SMTP/POP/IMAP Email Accounts 100 500 3000 5000
FTP Accounts 10 20 50
Monthly $10 $40 $80 $160

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*Flexible Storage

Our flex plan allows you to upgrade upon request, as needed, up to the maximum package limits. This allows us to better handle space and resources on the server, keeping costs as low as possible.

*Burstable Unlimited* Bandwidth

This is simply a technical term used to describe fairy dust. What? Yes.. It is fairy dust.. Our Plan: We will allow your account to burst to extremly high levels and will not bill for overages unless the levels are so high that we are regularly incurring overage charges from our carriers. You will be notified if your account is exceeding our maximum limits. This is rare.

Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's better!

If you’re like most small businesses, you have a "guy" that setup your website for little to no money at all. He hooked you up with a cheap web hosting company, probably one of the major hosting companies for dirt cheap.

Why does it matter?

Glad you asked. Everything you put on that server is vulnerable to whomever the company decides to give a hosting account to, yes even a hacker can sign up. Without personal attention, these servers often get hacked in big and small ways. Email gets blacklisted, your website gets hacked, hacker starts stealing information, website starts to go down randomly..

The big hosting companies claim to give you unlimited space and traffic. This is not true, they are simply over-subscribing all of their customers on a few shared web servers. In other words: You’re not really getting unlimited hosting, because you'll never use unlimited hosting. Therefore, they can re-sell the same "unlimited" fairy dust to everyone!

At Syfertek, we know all of our customers and we actually care about your data and your image. Most of our hosting offers are by invitation only, however, if you've stumbled upon this page, you can sign up. Our site is a fully functioning E-commerce enabled website, however, we will call to verify your information before sending your hosting details.