About Syfertek

Tabatha Sikes

Tabatha Sikes, Chief Executive Officer

Tabatha has 15+ years of programming experience having worked her way through the ranks as a C# developer right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma from 2007 to Present day. She is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming. Prior to 2007 she taught herself html, javascript, php and other open source scripting languages of the times. She maintains a healthy mix of software being offered as a service, free and for-profit.

Today Tabatha is directly or indirectly involved with many of the tech initiatives alive in Oklahoma today, supporting a vast network of coding groups and non-profits engaged with introducing rural high school students to programming.

Ryan Quinn

Ryan Quinn, Member, Senior Systems Engineer

Ryan has 20+ years of experience building, troubleshooting and improving systems professionally. He understands the practical implications of design decisions and works closley with the Syfertek team of developers ensuring applications run efficiently on the designed platform.

Ryan understands that every client has specific needs requiring some level of customization. He has a proven track record of success in this space. Ryan obtained his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from OSU. His interests have remained focused on free and open source software.


Skylar Macias - Application Developer, Coding Dojo
Cros Sikes - Application Developer, Coding Dojo
Nicholas Potik - Intern, Digital Media

The Sikes Twins

Curious about those twins? Zach and Cros are pictured on the Syfertek website, in ads around Tulsa and on social media. They are the sons of Tabatha Sikes and also work in Information Technology.

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