Banned Scripts Unfortunately, many good things are turned on us to be used for nefarious activities. Commonly used scripts are frequently exploited to allow unauthorized access to the systems they are running on. Others just require more resources than is allocated on a shared server environment.

Consequently, in order to keep Syfertek network and servers safe, we may need to take actions that inconvenience our good customers. Any time we find scripts or other commonly used tools that can become easily compromised or impact other users by using too many server resources, we may need to disable scripts or other tools installed and used by our customers.

Whenever possible, we will notify our customers in advance. We will also attempt to keep this page updated with current scripts which will require removal from our shared servers and/or our network.

This list includes script/program names, reason for ban, who/what servers they are banned on (e.g. our Shared or Network wide) and provide alternative options for our customers whenever possible.

Banned scripts and alternatives:

Script or Program Version/Type Reason Alternate Options
Matt Wright's formmail 1.91 and previous Exploitable to send UCE/spam nms-cgi formmail replacement
YABB (Yet Another Bulletin Board) all text versions Resource intensive YaBBSE
UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Board) all versions Resource intensive vBulletin phpBB
IRC bots and clients all versions Often abused None
Proxy servers (stone, etc.) all versions Often used to hide identity None
Jack's formmail.php all versions Exploitable to send UCE/spam nms-cgi formmail replacement

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