Our Guarantee We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our service and notify us within 30 days of your account setup we will give you a full refund less the domain registration fee. Since the domain name is already your property after account setup, this fee can not be refunded.

Server uptime: 99%-100% With an average of 99.5%

Refund Policy
If you are not completely satisfied with our service after the 30 day guarantee has expired and you choose to relocate to another hosting company, since hosting is billed in advance we will refund any un-used full months. Partial months are not pro-rated.

No refunds on domain names
The domain name(s) that the client (you) purchased will remain the property of the client and is(are) free to be relocated to another hosting company at no charge from Syfertek LLC provided that payment for that domain name is completed. You will not loose your domain name if you transfer, and you may transfer your new domain name to your new hosting company at no additional charge from our service if you are not 100% happy with our service. We can not refund domain transfer fees incurred to transfer your existing domain name to Syfertek LLC as the domain name is already registered to you and is now your property.

Customers have the ability to change DNS settings via the management web interface provided by Syfertek LLC upon purchase of the domain. If you need help changing your DNS settings simply fill out a ticket in our helpdesk and select (DNS change)

Note: Customers that fail to complete payment due to bad checks or credit card charge backs forfeit their domain names until payment is completed.

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